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Lurker is a mailing list archiver designed for
capacity, speed, simplicity, and configurability,
in that order. Noteworthy features include:
Google-style searching on all fields, chronology
preserving threads, multilingual support, and
attachment support.

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2009-10-31 06:44

A point release rolling up some three years of bugfixes.
Tags: Stable, Minor

2006-03-06 12:28

This update closes three remotely exploitable
security vulnerabilities. All lurker versions from
0.1a to 2.0 are affected. The specific weaknesses
which have been closed include: reading any file
accessible to the user executing lurker.cgi,
(over)writing chosen files in any writable
directory called mbox, and stealing users' browser
cookies via cross-site scripting.
Tags: Major security fixes

2006-02-28 22:54

This release introduces oft-requested support of private mailing lists (via multiple frontends). Additionally, one can now delete pesky spam and reply to an email directly from the Web. Much of the documentation has been improved (notably the installation documentation), and there have been many minor bugfixes/improvements under the hood.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2005-05-03 22:09

This release adds no new functionality. However, if messages disappeared from your site after daylight savings, then this will fix the issue for you. Several other cosmetic issues have been addressed as well.
Tags: Major bugfixes

2004-08-29 17:44

This release provides a Web-selectable locale to control the output language; searches may also be restricted by language. Not searching in the style of Google, the ability to delete messages, and many new config and file command line options round out this release.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

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