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Lush is a Lisp dialect with extensions for object-oriented and array-oriented programming. It is intended as a programming environment for prototyping numerically intensive applications. Unlike alternatives like Python or SciLab, Lush is designed for easy integration of existing C/C++/Fortran codes.

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2011-03-12 15:38

This release restores Mac OS X support and contains some bugfixes.

2010-12-30 14:21

This release fixes numerous bugs and has an improved gnuplot interface.

2009-12-23 03:41
2.0 beta 2

This release fixes build problems on Solaris and Mac OS X 10.5 as well as a few minor bugs.
Tags: Beta

2009-10-20 20:15
2.0 beta1

This release is case-sensitive. Outdated packages have been dropped (HTK, Torch, and others) and many functions have been renamed (see namespace lush1-). New features include builtin math functions that work on arrays , a namespace facility, a small datatype library (heap, sets, graph), and a gnuplot interface. The make-standalone facility, some outdated packages (video4linux, sn28, and others), and support for complex numbers are currently broken.
Tags: Beta

2005-06-28 01:35

64-bit compatibility, Mac OS X support, Cygwin support, new libraries for FFT, Support Vector Machines, sound playing, SVG output, serial/parallel port output, joystick input, RPC, and more. Many bugfixes.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

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