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MDK (MIX Development Kit) provides tools for developing and executing, in a MIX virtual machine, MIXAL programs. The MIX is Donald Knuth's mythical computer, described in the first volume of The Art of Computer Programming, which is programmed using MIXAL, the MIX assembly language. MDK includes a MIXAL assembler (mixasm), a MIX virtual machine (mixvm) with a command line interface, a Guile-based virtual machine (mixguile), a GTK+ based GUI (gmixvm), and a mixvm-Emacs interface (mixvm.el). MDK utilities are extensible using Scheme.

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2010-10-10 18:02

This is a bug fix release, including some documentation updates.
Tags: Minor bugfixes

2009-10-12 11:25

This is a maintenance release fixing extant bugs and upgrading MDK's internals to the latest versions of Guile and Glade. You may also notice, depending on your desktop configuration, an improvement in gmixvm's startup time.

2008-03-21 10:34

The license was changed to GPLv3. Minor bugs were
fixed. This version is compatible with recent
versions of GTK+ and Glib.
Tags: Minor bugfixes

2006-08-17 17:37

The Gmixvm interface has been improved with
respect to the external programs dialog and about
box. Compilation warnings in PPC and 64-bit
platforms were fixed. Minor bugs were fixed.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

2006-08-07 08:18

MIXAL compliance fixes were made. NOP now accepts an F-spec. Invalid F-spec values are reported as warnings instead of errors, since they can be legitimately (if hackishly) used. gmixvm now has a history popup in the terminal input dialog. The load file dialog now remembers the last directory. I1 and I2 in mixvm were swapped to their correct position. smem in mixvm now correctly handles negative zero. Bugfixes were made.
Tags: Major bugfixes

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