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Minerva is a complete, easy to use home automation suite. It allows you to switch your on lights from anywhere using a mobile phone or PC, email your video, check CCTV footage, control your central heating, and much more. It relies on command line and can therefore be run from virtually any platform (smart phone, PDA, laptop, or remote PC) with identical functionality. The architecture consists of three parts: input, output, and process. Each is completely distinct, meaning you can control any of the house processes from any supported input conduit such as a Web browser, remote control, or SMS. Reports or notifications can be sent to any of the available output conduits.
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2012-03-07 07:21

Introduction of: 'minty', a timeout system to auto-turn off unused devices; 'cache' conduit; routine', a system for processing N timed events from an initial trigger point; 'yaks', a control system for processing arbitrary messages (from X10) into Linux-bound commands; 'homedevice' script, in preparation for ZigBee. Changes to vox scripts which mean that voice and music can happen simultaneously. The Twitter script has been updated to use oauth. Fixes in human time reading. Unifies the logging of Bearskin commands into 'minlog'. Unifies the audio stings into an 'sfx' script.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2011-11-02 05:54

An improved Google calendar download/handler. The install script has been fixed; it was causing problems on fresh installs.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

2010-12-03 16:54

The UK Live Departure boards script was fixed to cope with changes to a third party site.
Tags: Minor

2010-10-11 20:54

Directory paths with quotation marks and other oddities in them have been fixed. This is a proper fix to update the emergency fix that was done in version 2.5.2.
Tags: minor bug fix

2010-10-03 02:07

This version fixes a bug where the ampersand ("&") could not be passed through the Web conduit.
Tags: Minor

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