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MXE (M cross environment) is a Makefile that compiles a cross compiler and cross compiles many free libraries such as SDL and Qt. Thus, it provides a nice cross compiling environment for various target platforms.


MinGW cross envを使用するには、以下のライブラリが必要になります。まず、最初に自分でインストールしてください。 Autoconf≥ 2.62Automake≥ 1.10BashBisonBzip2CMakeFlexGCC (gcc, g++)GNU Make≥ 3.81GNU SedL... Show How to Install

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2013-06-09 22:32
Review by Anonymous

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Excellent set of tools, built a QT5 app from 64 bit linux to 32 bit windows static inside of an hour , perfect.
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