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Music Manager is a Konqueror plugin that lets you standardize the
filenames of your music files, guess information and set ID3 tags from
the file's name (this can be done to several files in one shot), rename
many selected files based on their ID3 tags, set ID3 tags in mass for
selected files with options for copying ID3s from other files and
leaving some ID3 fields untouched, rename _ to space and vice versa,
create HTML and text indexes of your collections (including total
playing time, etc., configurable through templates), create nice CD
covers with full listings of your music files (also configurable through
templates), and organize your music collection to create a CD.

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2003-12-08 17:42 Back to release list

A configuration dialog was added in KControl. An
icon was added in the popup menu. Filename
extension normalization was fixed. Masstagger now
opens the file-open dialog in the current
directory. ".flac" (for Free Lossless Audio
Compressor) was added to the list of known
extensions. Folder names can now be normalized.
Some menu items are disabled if only folders are
selected. Discovery, handling, and description of
cover and HTML templates with .desktop files was
Tags: Major feature enhancements

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