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MyNotex is software for taking notes, filing documents, and managing activities. Notes are gathered under different subjects and consist of a title, a date, a tag (keywords) list, and a free-length text. It is possible to change the font, style, color and background color, and to embed pictures. The software can manage paragraph alignment, bullets, and numbered and alphabetic lists with automatic indentation. Each note may have any number of attachments of any type, and there is also a spreadsheet-like grid for managing a list of activities, which is quite similar to those used in project management software. A single MyNotex file contains various notes filed in different subjects.

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2012-11-13 07:47

This release copies selected text of a note in LaTeX format, sends a note as email through the default email software, can export (or not) the dates of the notes in the HTML file, adds new shortcuts, and fixes bugs.

2012-05-08 21:32

This release added the ability to insert images in the text of the notes, stored in the directory of attachments. Text can be zoomed. "activity to do" and "activity done" symbols can be inserted. Icons and a popup menu were provided for cut, copy, copy as HTML, and paste. A function for sending the current note to the browser (for printing) was added. Many bugs were fixed.
Tags: Stable, Major

2011-12-11 08:24

This release adds
paragraph alignment and indentation of lists,
background color of the text,
the ability to activate automatic synchronization when a file is opened or closed,
the ability to activate a level of transparency of the forms,
the ability to link a note to another note,
attachments with drag-and-drop (also more files at a time),
searching within dates,
and a lot of bugfixing.
Tags: Major, Stable

2011-04-24 17:12

Tomboy and Gnote notes can now be converted. If a Tomboy or Gnote note has been already imported, only its modified elements (date, text, etc.) will be changed in the file of MyNotex in use. Bookmarks were added for speedily selecting a specific note with a shortcut. Headings were added to format a paragraph quickly. A tag can be renamed or removed in all the notes of the file in use. The current date and time can be inserted in a new line with a shortcut. A link to a file, to a Web address, or to an e-mail address is now automatically recognized in the text of the notes. Bugs were fixed.
Tags: Stable

2011-01-07 19:14

A tray icon and a function to minimize to the tray were added. The manual was translated to French. Many bugs were fixed.

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