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myqslBind manages clusters of ISC BIND 9 name servers. It has support for unlimited views, secondary only zones, unlimited masters, hidden masters, and slave name servers. It has template-based end-user and admin interface programs for your Web 2.0 interface. It uses a company contact role permissions model. It is very stable. It is not a MySQL DNS server, but a static configuration model from a MySQL replication cluster. It has a technical schema based back-office for ISP MySQL developers.
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2009-05-06 02:38

A new tNSSet model for enhanced multiple NS services from a single server or servers in both logical or physical groups. A new setup system in place for easy installation of libraries needed for compilation. Major changes to free provided interfaces.
Tags: SVN, Stable

2008-12-13 09:29

All table management modules have been updated for the iDNS backend. There is a new ASP/Company/Contact role model for DNS resources. Fully automated install and uninstall scripts have been added. There are many code and template updates to the idnsAdmin and idnsOrg interfaces. There is a much faster RRDTool system for usage graphs. The hit collection system has been redesigned.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2008-08-01 15:34

Dashboard graphics were improved using Simile. A
bunch of bugs were fixed. Automated test scripts
were added.
Tags: Major bugfixes

2008-05-17 06:22

This release adds an install script that greatly simplifies the process of installation, making it painless for the user. This script checks for all the required libraries, tries to guess its location, informs the user as necessary, and leaves you with an initial configured NS ready to to run. There is also an install script for each of the user interfaces. An intense cleanup of the code has been done, removing minor and major install bugs.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2008-02-27 12:33

Internal/external view support was added. A new
customer/contact/ASP ownership and role model was
implemented. Support for secondary only zones was
added. A user-friendly, template-based admin
interface was added with sample templates. Import
and post import support was much improved for BIND
created zone file import and zone data comparison.
Mass copy and paste operations are supported.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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