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naim is the original ncurses (console) AIM client, which also supports IRC, ICQ, and Lily CMC. For AIM and ICQ, it uses the TOC protocol, and includes many commonly-requested features found nowhere else, while still preserving naim's classic look and feel.

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2007-07-10 10:28

/ctcp was fixed. Away messages can appear in UTF-16 encoding as well as profiles, so both are decoded now.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Release

2007-07-08 09:36

Simple heuristics were added for disabling
encryption. Availability messages and profile and
away message retrieval were added. A workaround
was made for empty hyperlinks sent by the official
AIM client.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Release

2007-07-08 09:35

A minor adjustment was made to automatic away
message discovery. This quells the erroneous
messages which said, "Server response was
formatted incorrectly, can't find username in info
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Release

2007-07-08 09:33

Preliminary support was added for having multiple
clients connected to the same screen name on AIM.
<br/> is now treated as a synonym for
<br>. Your .naimrc can now use the modload
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Release

2005-12-15 23:36

The IRC driver now accepts incoming lines that end in a naked "\n". /delbuddy did not always correctly remove the user from your server-side buddy list. If you had a user with the same friendly name as another user's account name, naim would become unstable when the second user signed on. The status bar now displays typing notifications. Warning levels are now displayed. There is a new /setpriv command to modify your privacy settings. IPv6 support has been modernized and enabled. Friendly names are now stored to and retrieved from your server-side buddy list.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Release

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