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Netrik is an advanced text mode WWW browser. Its purpose is to give
access to as much of the Web as possible in text mode, without
forsaking any comfort.

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2009-06-20 22:54

This release uses ncursesw instead of ncurses, which makes it work (somewhat) with UTF8.
Tags: Stable

2008-10-26 05:32

The "l" command was added, which marks all links
on the active screen area with labels (consisting
of one or two letters), and allows you to quickly
choose one of them by entering the corresponding
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

2008-09-17 04:14

This release fixes HTTP header handling to be case insensitive, fixing some redirects that were silently broken before.
Tags: Minor bugfixes

2008-01-31 02:20
1.15.7 (beta)

This release fixes parsing (but not correct displaying) of UTF-8 documents in ISO-8859 and similar locales.
Tags: Minor bugfixes

2007-10-16 10:41

A crash with certain <textarea> form fields was fixed along with another bug that made link reactivation (when moving back/forth in page history) break after performing a text search.
Tags: Minor bugfixes

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