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PHPLOT is a PHP graphics class for creating charts and plots. It works with PHP5 (but older versions can use PHP4). PHPlot uses the PHP GD extension to produce PNG, GIF, or JPEG images. TrueType fonts (TTF) are optional, or built-in GD fonts can be used. The available plot types are: area, bars, line/points, lines, pie, points, squared, stacked-bars, and thin bar-line. Labels, tick marks, plot legend, X/Y axes, and more are all configurable. Images can be imported as a background, multiple graphs can be drawn on one image, and images can be saved to disk or returned to a browser.
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2012-02-27 07:30

This release includes some bugfixes and new features, including better color controls for labels and the ability to generate an image map for a plot. The PHPlot Reference Manual has also been updated.

2012-01-03 15:59

This release includes changes to pie charts, with new options for label content and format, and a new method for sizing the chart. The PHPlot Reference Manual has been updated, and new examples added.

2011-08-01 11:48

This release has a new feature that allows embedding a plot image in an HTML page, all generated by one PHP script. There is also a new plot type, and other new features and bugfixes. The PHPlot Reference Manual has been updated, and new examples added.

2011-05-29 19:50

This release contains new features for controlling legend position and appearance, and a new way to control tick marks and grid lines. The PHPlot Reference Manual has been updated with descriptions and examples of the new functions.

2011-05-09 11:05

This release contains a single fix for a bug with stackedbar plots that contain rows of all zero values.

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