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phpMMORPG is a Web interface that can be used to create an MMORPG with a back-end which permits users of the interface to create their own games. It features real-time chat, a map editor, a template system, a quest box, PVP, PVE, a loot system, and other functions.
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2005-12-14 07:21

A bug that prevented the script from working on
the Apache HTTP server when "Short Tags" was
turned off was corrected. The way of making the
character was modified by adding four races, sex,
and new characteristics. A first sketch was
created of the install script that creates the MAP
files automatically.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Official Releases

2005-10-17 19:34

This release has a loading screen on every pages, some minor enhancements, and most importantly a completely rewrite of the map system to fetch on hexagonal methods. The map is now 750x500 instead of 120x80. Each hexagon can have 3 textures. 10% of the PVE have been implemented: choice of a monsters, and first interface attack. The Inventory Interface has been added.
Tags: Major feature enhancements, Official Releases

2005-10-17 19:28

Adds all the PSD of the interface so that you can modify them yourself.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement, PSD Graphics

2005-09-15 12:31

An inventory interface was added and the CSS was improved.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Official Releases

2005-09-10 15:26

This release adds TopTen to the main page, XP bar on the main game
interface, and details on the player profile of the player list. It
fixes some bugs in News Admin and delete the Chat Iframe to include it
in the main gaming interface.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Official Releases

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