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Pinba is a realtime PHP monitoring tool that accumulates and processes data sent over UDP by multiple PHP processes, and provides access to the data using MySQL. It also allows you to measure particular parts of the code using timers with arbitrary tags.
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2009-10-23 22:54

This release adds rusage to timers (not aggregated on the server), fixes
a possible crash caused by long script names, and disables the query
cache for the Pinba engine.
Tags: Beta

2009-08-26 21:04

HTTP response code was added to request data. Support wa added for Google Protocol Buffers 2.1.0+. The pinba_script_name_set() function was added. The configure checks for MySQL sources and libevent were improved. Building on Mac OS X and on FreeBSD was fixed. Building statically with the latest versions of libevent was fixed.
Tags: Beta

2009-05-07 02:07

Preview release.

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