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pirysncd is an attempt to write a daemon to watch a directory for kernel write notifications and then execute an rsync command to synchronize two different directories (local or remote). This is a poor man's mirroring or an alternative (not so) real data replication mechanism based on Pyinotify.
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2011-04-13 06:29

Note that this is the last version in Python 2. The next version will be only in Python 3. has been updated to 0.9.1 (20110405). An SSH port parameter for synchronization of SSH has been added. The trailing slash (/) requirement for source and destination path has been removed. version 3 for pirsyncd.Py3k has been added.

2010-09-09 08:03

OptionParser epilog has changed to description. An rsync + pyinotify exclude pattern has been added.

2010-07-24 20:42

The code for duplicate inode events was rewritten using Python dictionary. The option to run in the foreground was added. Code for mirroring in the first run without looking at inode events was added. Code styling was improved, and a pylint score of 7.35 was achieved. Global variables were redefined.

2010-03-26 17:22

A Counter variable was added for inode events (not from the command line). A code to disable duplicate inode events was added.

2010-03-18 02:56

The Python version 3-based PIrsyncD file PIrsyncD.v3 has been added. The Python Code Styling has been fiixed using pylint (score 7.09). There are some small code fixes.

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