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RemoteBox is a graphical tool which lets you administer guests or virtual machines running under VirtualBox on a remote server or even your local machine if desired. You may, for example, have a root server on the Internet, a server at home, or a server at work running VirtualBox but want to have the convenience of managing the guests easily from your local machine. The virtual machines run in headless mode, which means you don't need an active graphical display on the server but you can still connect and view the displays of the guests. The goal of RemoteBox is to provide a GUI that should be familiar to VirtualBox users while allowing them to administer a remote installation of VirtualBox. It does this via the VirtualBox API and SOAP interface, which are exposed when running the VirtualBox Web service. You can also use RemoteBox simply as an alternative interface for managing VirtualBox on your local machine.

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2011-12-31 06:13

This release has been rebased from GTK 2.16 to GTK 2.22 as the minimum version required, and has significant code optimizations. Support has been added for creating guest clones (Full, State, and Linked) and marking hard disk images as SSDs and DVD images as Live DVDs. The number of ports on a SATA controller can now be configured manually as well as manually controlling the port a medium is attached to. Support has been added for copying (including converting) hard disk images as well as setting their low-level type (Writethrough, Immutable, Multi-attach, etc.). Plus the usual plethora of GUI tweaks and minor bugfixes.

2011-10-25 12:30

Support for several new disk image formats was added, including VMDK, VHD, and Parallels. Major changes were made to the networking configuration including support for generic drivers and setting promiscuous mode. Additional changes when showing guest information include the run-time operating system version and the version of guest additions currently running. Several bugs have also been fixed in this release.

2011-08-10 23:15

This release primarily brings VirtualBox 4.1.X support to RemoteBox and drops support for earlier releases. In addition, a major bugfix was made with regards to editing guest settings as well as lesser bug fixes for deleting snapshots and browsing remote files. New features for VirtualBox 4.1.X will be added in subsequent releases.

2011-07-22 18:00

Several bugs have been fixed, and improvements were made to the remote file chooser and the GUI in general. Main window position and size are preserved on exit. Existing guests can now be added and registered with VirtualBox as well as being unregistered without deleting the files. This will be the last release supporting VirtualBox 4.0.x. The next release will require VirtualBox 4.1.x.

2011-04-03 17:52

A large number of new features have been added, including parallel port support, CPU hot plugging, VPID, HPET, page fusion, large pages, and CPU throttling. The virtual keyboard is now configurable, supporting None, PS/2, USB, or Combo. The guest's BIOS settings are configurable, including the BIOS image that is displayed. You can also configure whether VirtualBox's hypervisor mode is run in shared or exclusive mode. You can now also send video hints to guests to change their resolution. A number of new RemoteBox preference settings have been added and some tweaks were made to the UI.

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