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SwarmTv is a command line broad-catching program that downloads selected torrents/NZB's from an RSS or Twitter feed and puts them in a directory for your torrent program to download. The torrents to download are selected using filters that look at the name, size, and episode/season of the torrent. A mechanism is in place to prevent double downloads. Swarmtv can even send an email when a new episode is found.
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2011-05-12 06:47

This release fixes compilation on CentOS 5.6. It builds using pbuilder on Ubuntu/Debian. It fixes compiling on 32-bit x86 Ubuntu 11.04. An Ubuntu Natty Narwhal PPA repository is available.
Tags: Minor

2011-05-04 06:29

This release fixes building using Ubuntu 11.04. It builds on mingw (Windows). pkg-config support has been added. There are some minor fixes.
Tags: Minor

2011-02-04 07:26

The name has changed from swarmtv to RSS-torrent. NZB support has been added. Many improvements to the library API. Experimental DBUS event messages. The addition of viewing statistics to the command line client. Fixes for many crashes.
Tags: Major

2010-08-02 04:25

This release fixes filter testing and adds callback functionality.
Tags: Minor

2010-07-25 09:25

RSS-torrent is now built as a library and a front-end. A simple filter wizard was added. The last season and episode numbers are automatically discovered. Downloads can now be initiated by hand. The dependency on libESMTP is now optional. Filtering on RSS source was added. A bug that added torrents to the downloaded table even if the download had failed was fixed.
Tags: Major

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