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rsstool is a tool to read, parse, merge, and write RSS (and Atom) feeds. It has some other functions built-in like text, HTML, or property file output, or templates with custom tags to insert RSS feeds into pages that could be uploaded to a server that supports only static HTML.
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2010-04-25 03:47

A small bug was fixed, so durations of eventual videos are actually parsed now.

2010-03-12 23:30

This release adds a new field to the database structure,
rsstool_media_duration (if rsstool finds durations for some kind of
media in the feed, it will parse them into rsstool_media_duration, in
seconds), --enc=ENCODING, which overrides the encoding specified in the
RSS header (useful for some broken RSS feeds), --filter=LOGIC, sometimes
referred to as implied Boolean LOGIC (use this to remove items from the
RSS feed before output), --nosort, to not sort items by date (on by
default), --parse=FILE|URL to generate an RSS feed from a random HTML
document, some code cleanups and fixes, support for Atom 1.0 feeds (they
worked before, but now it says so in the usage, too), and xmlget as a
download on the Web site (accesses XML files using the XPath syntax). It
deprecates the --joomla and --dragonfly options (replaced with scripts
in contrib/) and --sqlold (and support for the other old database
structures). It removes the --curl option (it is always the default now,
if libcurl is available) and the --wget option (you may want to rely on
the curl support or use wget from a script instead).

2008-02-04 04:21

This release adds --php to produce output as PHP code (Array ()).
Tags: Minor bugfixes

2007-09-24 14:29

A small typographical error and a wrong time
format were fixed. The --curl option was added for
using libcurl for downloading. The --joomla option
was added to output as an ANSI SQL script for
importing into Joomla! CMS. The --dragonfly option
was added to output as an ANSI SQL script for
importing into Dragonfly CMS. Some minor bugs were
fixed and some code cleanups were made.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2007-08-31 05:26

A patch for gentoo ebuild support was applied.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

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