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sawfish.wm.ext.pager is a C/Lisp extension that
provides a functional desktop pager for the
sawfish window manager. A pager is a map of your
desktop. It shows not only the visible part of
your desktop (the current viewport), but also the
parts that extend beyond the sides of your screen.
Also, if you have more than one workspace, the
pager will follow you to where you are, or
optionally show all workspaces at once. Of course
you can select viewports and windows, and also
move or raise/lower the latter.

System Requirements

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2012-03-29 01:34

This release syncs the spec-file with the latest Fedora and fixes a bug in size calculation which could lead to crash.
Tags: Sawfish, GTK+, C, Lisp

2011-05-04 06:20

Updated for new install paths in Sawfish 1.8.1, allowing rpm-build to modify CFLAGS while building.
Tags: C, Lisp, X11, GTK+, Sawfish

2011-02-27 21:58

This release features auto-hiding capatibility and a better WM_CLASS.
Tags: Sawfish, librep, GTK+, Stable

2010-10-09 20:32

Several deprecated GTK+ functions/macros have been replaced by newer ones. A compile-time warning was fixed. You can now switch Viewports/Workspaces by scrolling the mouse-wheel over the pager. The pager can now be launched from any directory.
Tags: Sawfish, Stable, GTK+, C, librep

2010-06-27 22:06

Some unused bits of code were removed. Two bugs regarding sticky or viewport-sticky windows were fixed.
Tags: windowmanager, GTK+, Stable

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