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Screen is a full-screen window manager that multiplexes a physical terminal between several processes, typically interactive shells. Each virtual terminal provides the functions of the DEC VT100 terminal and, in addition, several control functions from the ANSI X3.64 (ISO 6429) and ISO 2022 standards (e.g., insert/delete line and support for multiple character sets).

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2008-10-10 23:56

The zombie command now has a new option,
"onerror". A buffer overflow
in resize.c has been fixed. Startup has been made
more robust. Minor
documentation updates have been added.
Tags: Minor bugfixes

2004-01-14 16:34

This version fixes a possible security hole in the
VT100 interpreter that was reported for 4.0.1.
Tags: Minor security fixes

2003-10-02 01:33

This release has a screen blanker, zmodem support, and an option to sort the window list by most recently used. Several sections have been rewritten, and several bugs fixed.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

2002-10-23 19:36

This is a maintenance release, which means only
two new features but many bugfixes. altscreen
support was added. The limit for the number of
windows can now be set via the new maxwin command.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

2002-02-15 01:05

This release has support for big5, koi8r, cp1251, and double UTF-8. The commands 'windowlist', 'encoding', 'defencoding', 'source', 'eval', 'deflog', 'ignorecase', and 'setsid' have been added. There is an encoding parameter for 'register', 'readreg', 'readbuf', and 'writebuf'. There are lots of new string escapes and extensions, a new '-c class' parameter for 'bind', 'command', and 'help', aew login state (always), 256 color support, a configurable time format, localized month/week names, and a new '-h' option for hardcopy.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

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