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Sketch is a vector drawing program similar to
CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator. It is written
almost completely in Python with some modules
written in C, combining the flexibility and power
of Python with the speed of C. Advanced features
include gradient fills, clip masks, text along a
path, blend groups, convert text to curves, and more.

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2005-07-16 23:41

This release contains mostly bugfixes, the most
important of which is that Skencil now works with
Python 2.4. Other changes include improvements in
the build process for some non-Linux systems and
minor bugfixes for some import/export filters,
most notably the SVG filters.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Stable

2004-01-25 01:28

The program has been renamed from "Sketch" to "Skencil". It has a new
look with new icons and a new logo. New features include updates to the
cgm and wmf import/export filters, font embedding in the Postscript
output, RGB entry fields in the color selector, and support for Python
2.3, as well as a number of bugfixes.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Stable

2003-02-07 22:46

This release supports translucent raster images. This release also contains the import/export filter changes that were in the recent release of the stable branch (0.6.15).
Tags: Major feature enhancements, Development

2003-02-02 00:29

The CGM import/export filters have been updated. The SVG import filter handles a few more SVG tags. Sketch compiles cleanly with Tcl/Tk 8.4 now.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Stable

2002-09-22 01:12

This release contains new or updated translations for
Brasilian Portuguese, Swedish, French, Spanish, and
German. Filters for the CGM format were added. Quite a
few bugfixes were also included.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Stable

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