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SMI is a full featured SHOUTcast management interface, designed to manage an array of servers. It allows the user to create and edit servers and to graph listener counts and global counts. It offers multiple levels of user access.
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2009-11-21 07:52

Lynx is no longer required to run SMI. The PHP cURL extension must be installed and enabled. Windows compatibility code has been added. More stable start/stop/delete of stream servers. The startstream/stopstream functions now do all the work. The setting to enable/disable automatic start on creation now works. MRTG is now run as a daemon instead of via cron. Changes in parts of the code to avoid notices and warnings. PHP functions marked as deprecated in PHP 5.3.0 have been replaced. OS-specific sc_serv binaries have been placed in dedicated sub-directories.
Tags: Final Beta

2009-11-09 10:35

This release has Web-based installation. All SMI settings are stored in the database. MRTG graph updating is controlled via Web settings.

2009-04-06 22:36

Genres were added to the media table, and are linked to the new genres table, including WinAmp extended genres. Songs can be sorted by artist, album, song, or genre in the media list. The native ID3 code was replaced with the ID3 Tag Info class. Improved portbase handling was added. MRTG stat files are renamed if port base is changed. MP3 files with incomplete ID3 tags are shown in the media list.

2009-01-25 05:52

The documentation was updated. The styles were
updated. Numerous bugs were fixed.
Tags: Code cleanup

2008-12-19 18:03

SMI can now act as a DJ to your SMI-controlled
SHOUTcast servers. With just a few clicks, you can
have a SHOUTcast server up and running with audio
streaming to it directly from your server.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

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