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Spalah Flash is a GTK2/GNOME2 based application
for generating Macromedia SWF and W3C SVG

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2004-06-01 05:21

The structure of the program was rewritten. It
allows the user to import an SVG file in the
current document, create many views of one
document, and open several documents. The program
was also divided into "visible", "invisible", and
"swf" parts. A new "Fit_Text_to_Path" feature was
added. Support for text nodes was improved. IMAGE
node support was added (in the editor). Rulers
were added. Testing on the "W3C SVG testsuite" has
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2004-02-10 07:19

This version features animation (x, y, width, and height) SVG
to SWF, scene enhancements, the ability to zoom (in, out, 1:1,
and to fit), a timeline, the ability to play SWF movies, and the
support node types LINE and TEXT.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2004-01-20 07:37

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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