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TEA is a powerful and easy-to-use Qt4-based editor with many useful features for HTML, Docbook, and LaTeX editing. It features a small footprint, a tabbed layout engine, support for multiple encodings, code snippets, templates, customizable hotkeys, an "open at cursor" function for HTML files and images, miscellaneous HTML tools, preview in external browser, string manipulation functions, Morse-code tools, bookmarks, syntax highlighting, and more.
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2013-01-27 08:18

SLA format (Scribus) support has been dropped.

FB2 support has been improved, and FB2-books now looks fine (better than before).

"Functions - Text - Apply to each line" now has the extended
functionality, and you can use snippets as the parameter.

Use @@snippetname to apply @@snippetname to the each selected line.

All spellchecker code has been fixed.

Syntax highlighting has been given a speed-up of reading syntax hl rule files.

The Win32 build has Hunspell support and a Mingw/Qt5-based build.

2012-12-24 11:49

Qt5 source compatibility works correctly now. Qt 4.x still works as usual; the Qt version is detected automatically during the qmake step.

2012-12-21 06:30

This release fixes a crash and another bug related to the Keyboard settings page. An HTML5 template in Functions has been added.

2012-12-12 09:53

This release features a basic "fuzzy search" mode, the simple R programming language syntax highlighting, and some minor fixes. The behavior of "File - Save timestamped version" has been changed; now the formula of the file name of the copy is different (was: date + time + filename + ext; now: filename + date + time + ext).

2012-03-12 07:19

This release fixes the UI styles.

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