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Toolbar Icons is a collection of free toolbar icons. All icons are available as (Inkscape) SVG files. OMake build scripts that automatically generate PNG files of basically any size (using Inkscape) are included. PNG files in a few default sizes (16 x 16, 24 x 24, 32 x 32, and 256 x 256) are prepared in .tar.gz archives.

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2010-11-09 07:14
2010-11-07 release (release #4)

This release contains 270 icons (including those from previous releases).

2010-08-07 07:18
2010-08-06 release (release #3)

This release contains 220 icons (including those from previous releases).

2010-05-06 07:12
2010-05-05 release (release #2)

This release contains 205 icons (including those from previous releases).

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