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Treep is a simple language for doing symbolical computations. It operates on numbers and strings that can be organized in more complex objects. These objects are lists of name-value pairs that are stored in memory as AVL trees. It has about sixty built-in functions to operate on such data and a way to define new functions. Treep syntax very much resembles Lisp. The power of treep is its simplicity and security.

Treep is a good tool do process objects and relations between them. For example it is possible to define graphs as a sets of vertices and edges in text file, parse that file, do any computations you like, write modified data to text file. Treep works well on graphs, trees, linked lists, simple hashes. Treep is not good at processing texts, dealing with system input/output.

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2011-11-03 08:00

This release has been optimized for speed, and is a few times faster than before. In the source code, "goto" is used to skip unnecessary checks, but this looks quite elegant.
Tags: production fast

2011-10-13 06:42

This release adds documentation for functions and adds some examples. The project has been moved moved to a new URL.
Tags: documentation update

2011-10-11 20:32

Time handling was fixed and throughly tested.
Tags: Production

2011-10-01 01:53
2011-09 with date/time ISO 8601 handling

This release adds three functions for time handling: time (number of seconds since Epoch), repr (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS text representation), pars (to parse dates from text strings). In the library, it adds one function "like" which tests text for various formats.

Tags: Production

2011-09-29 05:17

Time handling was updated. A function now computes Unix time, and you can convert it to number and name.

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