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TWiki is a flexible, powerful, and simple Web based collaboration platform. It is suitable for dynamic intranets and knowledge bases, and for sharing and managing documents and collaborative projects. It resembles a normal Web site, but every page can be changed from a browser. It features automatic link generation, full text search, group authorization, Web forms, reporting, change notification, file attachments, revision control of pages and attachments, a modular templating system with skins, hierarchical navigation based on the topic parenting feature, and more. Plugins can be used to enhance the program and build groupware applications.

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2012-12-18 07:10

This release fixes a number of bugs and has some incremental enhancements. Most importantly, it incorporates a fix for the security issue CVE-2012-6329, where the MAKETEXT variable allowed arbitrary shell command execution.
Tags: Security Enhancements, Usability Enhancements, Patch Release, Feature Enhancements

2012-01-19 00:01

This patch release adds some usability enhancements, adds a few new features, and fixes a number of bugs. It is well tested and is very stable. Use the BackupRestorePlugin to easily upgrade your TWiki site.
Tags: Usability Enhancements, Patch Release

2011-08-30 15:50

The primary focus of this release was usability. It added point and click user data management, more visual user profile pages with a picture selector, and a backup feature that helps upgrade TWiki sites. The new release also strengthens TWiki as an application platform for more easily building custom wiki applications.
Tags: Major feature enhancements, Stable

2009-04-30 16:21

This patch release fixes a CSRF vulnerability with the image tag, changes TWiki to use ISO date format by default, and fixes a number of bugs.
Tags: Security Enhancements, Patch Release

2009-04-06 22:51

This release includes enhanced security, search, and enterprise collaboration capabilities. The new security enhancement provides added protection against malicious attacks that exploit inherent vulnerabilities in cross-site scripting. Enhanced search capabilities enable TWiki users to perform advanced searching, including adding footer parameter and topics to formatted searches. Enhanced enterprise collaboration capabilities provide added newsfeeds to TWiki topics as well as flexible corporate look-and-feel options using built-in TWiki Skin plug-ins.
Tags: Feature Enhancements, Security Enhancements, Stable

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