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Urbi is a robotics software platform. It includes a C++ middleware API called UObject to interface components such as motors, cameras, and algorithms, and a new scripting language, urbiscript, with built-in support for parallel and event-based programming, used to write high-level robot behaviors and orchestrate the interactions between components. UObject components are built as shared libraries exposed as native objects within urbiscript, and either hot-plugged in a running Urbi engine, or started as a remote autonomous process using TCP to communicate with the engine. At any time, new urbiscript code can be sent to a running Urbi engine via a simple telnet, to introspect the state of components, modify existing code, or add new behaviors. Urbi is cross-platform and supports several robots (Lego Mindstorms, the Nao humanoid robot, Segway RMP, Spykee, Bioloid, Aibo) and a simulator (Webots).

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