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VDT (Visual Disk Test) performs various I/O tests on files and devices such as whole hard disks, partitions, and logical volumes. It provides visual feedback on screen while offering a broad selection of addressing methods and test area selection.

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2010-10-26 14:19

This version implements stress tests for copy and comparison. It also has an updated 'makefile' and 'configure' in order to provide clean builds on HP-UX with the HP standard ANSI C compiler, and AIX 5 as well.
Tags: Stable

2010-10-06 00:06

This version brings over 15 improvements. Among them are the "--daze" option that enables full buffer and file random pattern filling, the "--part" option to report alternate buffer size statistics, the "--bias" option to skip possibly cached blocks, hardened command-line parameter parsing, better signal and error descriptions, the "-Z" option to limit test duration by size transferred, the "-D" option to end tests at a given date and time, fixed Solaris configuration phase and manual page installation, and choice of random cache hit illustration.

2010-09-19 23:41

This version implements an option (-M) to limit the number of "passes" per test when the "wrap" and "time" flags are selected. It also brings improvements to the documentation (README, man-page, and usage-help), as well as a bugfix related to the combination of the time-limit flag with the "slab" region selection.

2010-09-13 21:43

This version implements a "poke" test, enhanced log and on-screen information, and the ability to produce a partial report upon interruption. It also enables the proper combination of the "--uniq" and "--perc" flags. This version includes the option to pass the elapsed time limit to the "-t" flag in the form of "hh:mm:ss". The validation test has been enlarged to include a broader set of features and flag combinations. This version has been tested to be stable on AIX 5-6, Solaris 8-10, Linux, HP-UX 11, BSD, and CygWin.

2010-09-09 07:50

This version implements an option (-P) to provide a 'bit pattern' that will be used to fill the output buffer. This version also includes a 'force flag' (-F) to allow overwriting of existing files on the 'make' test. This version was tested and validated 'Stable' on Solaris 10, AIX 6, HP-UX 11.31, and CentOS 5.4.
Tags: CentOs, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Stable, force flag, pattern

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