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X-Chat is a fully-featured graphical IRC client using the GTK toolkit. Optionally it can be compiled to use GNOME and Perl scripting.

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2004-08-13 09:04

Tags: Major feature enhancements, Development

2004-08-13 09:04

This release fixes compiling on systems other than Linux/
FreeBSD. It fixes compiling with an old version of GTK
(2.0.x). There is brand-new tab completion code. Parsing
URIs on userlist drag-n-drop was fixed. A Sort button was
added to the server list window. There was a tab button
selection fix. A marker-line feature was added. Various other
things were fixed including a ping timeout when the system
clock changes, a bug with private messages being delivered
to status window when nickname is the same as the network
a work-around to stop X-Sys plugin crashing with GTK 2.4,
and the /list output going to the current tab.
Tags: Minor bugfixes

2004-04-12 22:23

Various bugfixes and feature enhancements were

2003-11-10 12:12

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement, Aqua

2003-09-22 15:28

Tags: Minor bugfixes

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