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XMLTV is a set of programs to obtain and process TV (tvguide) listings and manage your TV viewing. It stores the listings in an XML-based format and most of the programs are filters which read and/or write XML. It includes tools to obtain, sort, grep, print, and munge listings, and two end-user programs to plan a week's TV viewing.

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2010-11-22 17:24

New grabbers were added for Portugal and Finland. Lots of fixes were made in many grabbers.

2010-04-27 12:44

New India, Israel, Netherlands, and Denmark grabbers were included. Major updates were made to tv_grab_uk_rt, tv_grab_es_laguiatv, and tv_grab_fr.

2009-08-10 17:46

UTF8 support and actor support were improved in tv_grab_uk_rt. Slovakian episode parsing was added for tv_grab_huro. A new grabber for Italian DVB-S streams was added to tv_grab_it_dvb. The South African grabber was fixed in tv_grab_za. Also, quite a few miscellaneous tweaks were made.

2009-03-17 18:51

Significant improvements and fixes were made in tv_grab_is, tv_grab_id, tv_grab_pt, tv_grab_uk_rt, and tv_grab_huro.

2008-02-18 07:38

tv_grab_eu_epgdata (commerical) and
tv_grab_es_migulatv were added. tv_grab_nl,
tv_grab_nc, and tv_grab_no were removed.,, tv_grab_br_net, tv_grab_eu_epgdata,
tv_grab_es_laguiatv, tv_grab_fi, tv_grab_fr,
tv_grab_it, tv_grab_na_dtv, tv_grab_re, and
tv_grab_uk_rt were updated.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

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