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XPaint is an easy-to-use image editor which supports many standard and less standard paint procedures that demanding non-professional users would expect. It includes several advanced features like image processing algorithms, programmable C scripts, simultaneous editing of multiple images, and supports a wide variety of image formats.

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2005-03-20 21:34

This release fixes several long-standing segfault bugs, so it should be even more stable. Support for mouse wheel buttons and other Xaw clones (neXtaw) has been added.
Tags: Major bugfixes

2005-03-14 01:24

Xpaint should now behave properly under window manager resize requests for any of its (sub)windows. Several other casual segfaults have been fixed. The default recommended widget set has been switched to Xaw3d.
Tags: Major bugfixes

2005-01-30 06:32

This release includes a new option, -clipboard, which can be used to load files directly into the clipboard. PNG is now the default file format. A bug in the snapshot routine has been fixed.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

2004-10-16 23:03

Support for the BMP image format has been added,
and management of the list of printers has been
improved. Image files are no longer overwritten
without user confirmation.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

2004-08-27 17:07

This release adds Spanish localization and provides an improved printing
widget (the list of printers is now available from a pull-down menu).
The brush tool has a new "Stain" procedure.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

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