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Zenoss is an enterprise network/systems
management application that provides an integrated
software package for monitoring availability,
performance, events, and configuration across
layers (network, servers, applications,
environment, etc.) and across platforms (Linux,
Windows, Unix, etc.).

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2010-10-28 07:02 Back to release list

The VMWare Infrastructure ESX Server ZenPack allows you to monitor ESX hosts and guests via VMWare's EsxTop utility. Improved scalability, with several defects closed. Documentation has been updated for 3.0.3, specifically theZenoss Installation Guide, Zenoss Developer's Guide, Zenoss Extended Monitoring, Zenoss Source, and JSON API Documentation. TheVirtual Host Monitor ZenPack has been updated. The Global Device Search Core ZenPack is available for installation, providing search by hostname or IP with support for wildcards.
Tags: major performance enhancements

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