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Zenoss is an enterprise network/systems
management application that provides an integrated
software package for monitoring availability,
performance, events, and configuration across
layers (network, servers, applications,
environment, etc.) and across platforms (Linux,
Windows, Unix, etc.).

System Requirements

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2009-12-21 12:37

This is a maintenance release that fixes several tickets. It is recommended that users of 2.5 upgrade.

2009-11-03 02:41

This release includes a new event console, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) monitoring, and over 40+ new community ZenPacks. The documentation has all been refreshed and substantially updated. There were over 300 external tickets closed, greatly improving the overall stability and reliability of Zenoss Core.
Tags: Events, EC2, zope upgrade, Major, Stable

2009-09-02 18:30

This release fixes several issues in the 2.4.3 and earlier releases. The 2.4.3 release was removed because of two severe problems found post-release. It is highly recommended that 2.4.3 users upgrade to 2.4.5.
Tags: Maintenance, Stable

2009-06-27 02:35

This is primarily a stability release that addresses 46 tickets.
Tags: Stable

2009-02-28 09:22

This maintenance release fixes over 80 defects.
Tags: Major bugfixes

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