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Subversion interface for Emacs. Open working copy directory by fsvn-browse-mode instead of dired.

Have following advantages of other Emacs svn client.

  • Support tsvn:*, bugtraq:* properties.
  • Completion by using `svn help'.
  • Has repository browser.
  • Has visualize svn blame/annotate/praise' minor-mode.
  • Has svk support.

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System Requirements

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Released at 2011-09-03 22:34
fsvn 0.9.12 (4 files Hide)

Release Notes

Miscellaneous changes and fixes.


Fix: `fsvn-magic-get-file-buffer' problem

Change: Open file with async from repository browser.

Fix: wrong buffer name when `fsvn-browse-open-repository'.

Change: disable `fsvn-browse-toggle-sort' when in repository buffer.

Fix: Check file is under versioned when opening log.

Change: cleanup `file-name-history' after ediff.

Fix: fsvn-svk.el `fsvn-svk-browse-draw-mirrored-url' suppress in remote directory.

Fix: browse repository sorting problem.

Fix: follow the svn trivial specification changing. (about exporting filename)

Fix: Implements magic `directory-file-name' and `file-name-directory' at repository root.

Fix: fix bug when modifing about `libxml-parse-xml-region'

Change: log view buffer name.

Add: fsvn-log-list-fetch-all bound to `z F'

Improvement: Use `libxml-parse-xml-region' if exists.

Fix: advice problem.

Add: Create `uninstall' target

Add: More elegant fancy mode-line.