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2008-02-14 15:12
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Kazuharu Arakawa
1.8.1 - Change Log
===== v.1.8.1    2008.02.14  =====
  *mionor fix for dnawalk, genome_map3, circular_map for Genome Projector
  *G::Tools::GMap::generateGMap() can now handle levels greater than 6
  *HTML::Form now required for installation
  *added G::Tools::EMBOSS, with seqret() , and G::Tools::Blast::blastall() by Kazuki Oshita
  *added which is a simple script that use seqret() which functions identically as EMBOSS seqret command.
  *added which is a simple script that use blastall() which functions identically as blastall commandline tool, but with DDBJ REST web service (so not formatdb required!).
  *help command now stores documentation in virtual memory, and does not build everytime.
  *help shows documentation when there is only one possible entry
  *G::IO now keeps the pointer to the last instance created by new G(), which can be accessed by lastInstance G() or lastInstance G::IO(). SubOpt::opt_as_gb() now returns this lastInstance when there is no argument specified, so you can now do analysis in G-language Shell without making a variable for the G instance, as follows:

  G > load ecoli
  G > gcskew
  [ecoli graph comes up]
  G > load bsub
  G > gcskew
  [bsub graph comes up]