Version 2.2

  • Added possibility to get altitudes for waypoints and tracks from online SRTM data.
  • Reading and writing KML files is now supported.
  • Added possibility to open files by drag & drop from file manager.

Version 2.1

  • Improved user interactions in the profile window: dragging captions, changing selected markers and more.
  • Added more actions in the context menu and shortcuts to them.
  • Added possibility to change point name via point style dialog.

Version 2.0

  • Added detailed view for profile window. It allows one to view/modify all points and see their coordinates.
  • Added possibility to zoom and drag the profile.
  • Added detailed view to the main window with more columns (speed, slope, etc.).
  • Added an option to sort imported points by time.

Version 1.2

  • Added possibility to show absolute date and time in the X axis labels.
  • Added several new options to settings dialog and point properties dialog.
  • Added support for dark color themes.
  • Added arrow-like marker shapes.

Version 1.1

  • Added GPX Viewer archive format to store project along with all GPX files.
  • Added possibility to choose columns to be copied to clipboard.

Version 1.0

  • Major improvement: use QCustomPlot instead of matplotlib to draw profiles.
  • As a result some interactivity added to plot window (see help menu for details).
  • Added possibility to rename several points at once.
  • Added several new settings.
  • Refactored several dialogs and menus.
  • Added a lot of new icons and tooltips.

Version 0.9.3

  • Added possibility to revert point names to default values.
  • Added possibility to choose from several online maps providers.

Version 0.9.2

  • Added an option to draw profiles using only selected points and tracks.

Version 0.9.1

  • Several fixes.

Version 0.9

  • Ask about new GPX file location if file not found.
  • Added recent projects submenu.

Version 0.8

  • Possibility to select distance coefficient.

Version 0.7

  • Added possibility to edit names.
  • Added possibility to show point location on Google maps.
  • Total statistics in the statistics window is now shown for selected rows only.
  • Read and write additional WPT fields: cmt, desc, sym.
  • Added mime type for Linux version.

Version 0.6

  • Added full support for tracks in addition to waypoints.

Version 0.5

  • Added exporting non-skipped points to a GPX file.

Version 0.4

  • Added statistics by segments.
  • Added support for time zones.

Version 0.3

  • Handle files without timestamps.
  • Handle loading multiple GPX files.

Version 0.2

  • Windows installer now works properly.

Version 0.1

  • Basic functionality is ready.