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GM: List of Branches

Main GraphicsMagick source repository

Name Rev. Time Author
GraphicsMagick-1_0 2771be055aa4 2005-04-02 08:50:18 Bob Friesenhahn

* coders/pdf.c (WritePDFImage): Integrate fixes for Ghoscript 8.50 warning from the 1.1 branch.

GraphicsMagick-1_1 f592ca1f8692 2011-05-30 02:48:06 Bob Friesenhahn

Remove files which were resurrected in 1.1 branch by Hg import.

GraphicsMagick-1_2 6ca786747f88 2010-02-23 04:34:41 Bob Friesenhahn

* magick/static.h: DCRAW module registration function prototypes were missing. * coders/jp2.c (RegisterJP2Image): entry->module needs to be assigned an allo...

GraphicsMagick-1_3 8c425ea07510 2022-03-27 04:00:24 Bob Friesenhahn

Added tag GraphicsMagick-1_3_38 for changeset 828ffc28c1c6

default f888dee94268 2022-05-09 08:40:47 Bob Friesenhahn

Magick++: Update getIndexes() and getConstIndexes() documention to mention that the selected region is defined by a prior getPixels(), getConstPixels(), or s...

heif b87ad3d9b35b 2022-01-15 09:12:58 Bob Friesenhahn

Close Heif branch

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