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Yasuhiro Horimoto null+****@clear*****
Tue Sep 4 17:35:34 JST 2018

Yasuhiro Horimoto	2018-09-04 17:35:34 +0900 (Tue, 04 Sep 2018)

  Revision: 2bcaa56e6819bb99de43d51b2685356919b00648

  Merged 5858594: Merge pull request #866 from komainu8/fix_a_typo_in_suggestion

    doc: fix a typo

  Modified files:

  Modified: doc/source/reference/suggest/suggestion.rst (+1 -1)
--- doc/source/reference/suggest/suggestion.rst    2018-09-03 12:37:45 +0900 (e39bce643)
+++ doc/source/reference/suggest/suggestion.rst    2018-09-04 17:35:34 +0900 (f405b4972)
@@ -128,5 +128,5 @@ Here is the query to extract all learning data::
 Without '--limit -1', you can't get all data.
 In pair table, the valid value of freq0, freq1 and freq2 column must be larger than 0.
-Don't execute above query via HTTP request because enourmous number of records are fetched.
+Don't execute above query via HTTP request because enormous number of records are fetched.
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