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Version targeting Mac OS X 10.7+ / Mac OSX版対応参考先について

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Since there was some interest on the English Angband forums, http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=7755 , for a Mac OS X interface to recent versions of Hengband, I put together one from the Mac OS X code in poschengband and Angband. You can find binaries, either compiled for English or Japanese at http://ebranlun.users.sonic.net/HengbandOSX.html . The source code modifications are at the same site. If it's of interest, I can put the source code into a repository on OSDN.net.

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2019-08-28 23:32 Updated by: deskull

Thank you for providing information. We have made a ticket for mac version as #28488 but searching guidance for development quite a while. I should seek English website such as angband.oook.cz. I'll reference or feedback that.

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I've put the source code on OSDN.net: https://osdn.net/projects/hengbandforosx/scm/git/hengbandosx/ . The master branch there is based off of your master branch and has all of my changes: the Cocoa interface, English message changes, and others. If it's of interest, I can create a separate branch which only has the changes relevant to the Cocoa interface relative to your master branch. The For2.2.2-Refactoring-Cocoa branch is based off of your For2.2.2-Refactoring branch. It has changes so that the configure/automake system will work on the Mac, the changes so that the X11 and curses interface will build on the Mac, the changes to the rest of Hengband I made to handle the addition of the Cocoa interface, and the changes for the Cocoa interface itself. I'll try to keep that branch up to date with your changes.

One change in For2.2.2-Refactoring, the removal of angband_sound_name as a global variable, looks like it will lead to repetition of code for every front-end that wants to support sound. Rather than repeat the definition of angband_sound_name from main-win.c in main-x11.c and main-cocoa.m, I commented out the code in main-x11.c and main-cocoa.m that depends on angband_sound_name. It would be nice to have some sort of interface so that main-win.c, main-x11.c, and main-cocoa.m can access the mapping of the sound name to the integer index give by the SOUND_* constant.

2019-12-12 23:59 Updated by: deskull

Sorry my poor correspondent and poor English spell.

Still even I know little of Mac Development. Truly glad, and I want to announce your project and contribution at Hengband official. Including previous your ticket and advice, I request your continued support.

2019-12-19 04:11 Updated by: backwardseric

Reply To deskull

You don't need to apologize for your English. It's far better than my Japanese. I'll try to provide what support I can for the OS X version.

In the hengbandosx repository, the For2.2.2-Refactoring-All branch incorporates both the changes for English messages and the changes for the updated OS X interface. When you're only interested in the OS X change, the For2.2.2-Refactoring-Cocoa branch is the one to use.

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