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Hold files served by osdn.net's web server for the hengbandforosx project.

Commit MetaInfo

Revision00077ceb19a560406b46c4b36ea4e9064d5f5b2e (tree)
Time2021-02-08 16:24:27
AuthorEric Branlund <ebranlund@fast...>
CommiterEric Branlund

Log Message

Changed to reflect the naming of the branches with the macOS changes: version-1-6-2 is now macos-1-6-2 and version-2-2-1 is now macos-2-2-1.

Change Summary

Incremental Difference

--- a/HengbandSourceCode.html.en
+++ b/HengbandSourceCode.html.en
@@ -18,8 +18,8 @@
1818 version based on Hengband 1.6.2, from
1919 <A HREF="https://osdn.net/projects/hengbandforosx/releases/">https://osdn.net/projbects/hengbandforosx/releases/</A>
2020 or clone the git repository, git://git.osdn.net/gitroot/hengbandforosx/hengbandosx.git .
21- Within the git repository, the version-2-2-1 branch corresponds to the
22- version based on and the version-1-6-2 branch corresponds to
21+ Within the git repository, the macos-2-2-1 branch corresponds to the
22+ version based on and the macos-1-6-2 branch corresponds to
2323 the version based on 1.6.2.
2424 <P>If you cloned the git repository and want to compile the code, you'll
2525 first need to create the configure script and some of the files it uses.
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