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Revision906d4c6dcdc885a380cae489294268ef85c9ed47 (tree)
Time2019-12-31 22:05:32
AuthorEric Branlund <ebranlund@fast...>
CommiterEric Branlund

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--- a/HengbandChangeLog.html.en
+++ b/HengbandChangeLog.html.en
@@ -11,6 +11,16 @@
1111 <P><A HREF="index.html.en">Binaries</A> | <A HREF="HengbandEnglishScreenshot.html.en">English screen shot</A> | <A HREF="HengbandJapaneseScreenshot.html.en">Japanese screen shot</A> | <A HREF="HengbandFeedback.html.en">Feedback</A> | <A HREF="HengbandSourceCode.html.en">Source code</A> | Changes
1212 <H1>Changes</H1>
1313 <OL>
14+ <LI>December 31, 2019. Plugged memory leak in autopick_autoregister().
15+ Changed init_saved_floors() to only check for out-of-date saved
16+ floors if savefile is not an empty string; that prevents spurious
17+ messages about old temporary files when "New" is selected in the
18+ Cocoa front-end for Mac OS X. Redid earlier change for English
19+ message crashes in spell_RF6_HEAL() to be more compact. Made many
20+ adjustments to the text of English messages especially in monster and
21+ item descriptions. To better match the source material, the base
22+ object for the crown of Amber is now a Jewel Encrusted Crown rather
23+ than a Golden Crown.
1424 <LI>December 1, 2019. Changed Cocoa rendering so text is rendered
1525 more compactly and to avoid deprecated
1626 CGContextShowGlyphsWithAdvances.
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