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Commit MetaInfo

Revisionb07610b846fe26aae0bde398d38a0b164bd4e889 (tree)
Time2021-01-24 04:07:41
AuthorEric Branlund <ebranlund@fast...>
CommiterEric Branlund

Log Message

Inserted an "as" for readability.

Change Summary

Incremental Difference

--- a/HengbandChangeLog-1-6-2.html.en
+++ b/HengbandChangeLog-1-6-2.html.en
@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@
6565 <LI>Changed types in terminal hook prototypes to match what's
6666 in 1.6.2.
6767 </UL>
68- <LI>The core Hengband code is that tagged 1.6.2 with the following
68+ <LI>The core Hengband code is that tagged as 1.6.2 with the following
6969 changes:
7070 <UL>
7171 <LI>Changed the Macintosh portion of readme_eng.txt to only have
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