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The Home Micro project - build your own microcomputer at home!

Home Micro provides a series of microcomputers that can be built by
hand using electronics parts that are currently in
production. Parts lists, assembly instructions, design notes, software
tools, an emulator, and full source code are provided, as well as a
number of sample applications.

This README file is intended to be a concise guide to what is
where. For a more elaborate introduction to the project, refer to

This repository contains the following directories:

 - apps :: source code for applications to run on the computer

 - docs :: documentation, such as assembly instructions and design

 - emulator :: an emulator that allows Home Micro software to be
   run and tested on more powerful computers

 - rom :: source code for the ROM image

 - tools :: programs to help develop the computer or its software,
   e.g. by writing a ROM image to the ROM chip

The project is made available under the terms of the MIT license. The
text of this license can be found in the file LICENSE.

To build the code, you will need the following software:

 - make :: to use the Makefiles
 - C compiler :: for the tools and the emulator
 - avr-as :: to build the AVR code
 - xa :: to assemble the 6502 code
 - xcb :: to build the emulator

On Raspbian, you can install these by running:

 : aptitude install binutils-avr gcc make xa65 libxcb1-dev

In general, the code can be built by cd'ing into the directory that
contains the configure script or the Makefile. In case of a configure
script, you can then run ./configure to create the Makefile. When
the Makefile is present, you can run make to build the software. make
clean will remove generated files except the final targets, and make
distclean will remove all generated files.

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