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documented how to use the emulator

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1+#+TITLE: The Emulator
3+The Home Micro source code repository contains an emulator that can be
4+used to run programs and firmware written for the Home Micro on other
5+computers. The source code for the emulator is in the emulator
6+directory of the repository.
8+To start the emulator, a ROM image file named rom.bin must be present
9+in the directory the emulator is run from. In addition, to load a
10+program, a file named cartridge.bin must be present in the same
13+The following commands, starting from the top of the Home Micro source
14+repository, will create a ROM image and a cartridge image and place
15+both in the emulator directory. The emulator will also be built and
16+invoked. The require that all the necessary software dependencies are
17+present on the system. For more information on those, see
20+#+BEGIN_SRC sh
21+homemicro$ cd rom
22+rom$ make
23+rom$ cp rom.bin ../emulator/
24+rom$ cd ../apps/testkeys
25+testkeys$ make
26+testkeys$ cp testkeys.bin ../../emulator/cartridge.bin
27+testkeys$ cd ../../emulator
28+emulator$ ./configure
29+emulator$ make
30+emulator$ ./hm1000
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