[Howm-eng 98] synchronizing howm notes over several computers

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Albert Reiner arein****@tph*****
Sat Sep 22 17:50:40 JST 2012


only recently did I start to use howm, and it seems that this will
turn out a very valuable tool for me to use with just the right mix of
functionality and simplicity - thanks a lot!

However, there are a few points that I am not so clear about, and my
fluency in elisp is rather poor.  I am not quite sure whether this
mailing list is still alive and the right place to ask questions about
howm, so I will just try with the most pressing thing first:

- I need to be using howm on several different computers, without any
  network connection between them most of the time.  Am I correct in
  assuming that it is sufficient for me to simply synchronize the
  various `howm-directory`s, and to copy any changes between the
  accounts without relying on emacs/howm itself?  For this I would
  probably use a revision control system, probably darcs.

- The thread on "Separating work and personal", and
  in particular, make me suspect that I also have to take care of the
  various `howm-keyword-file`s.  But the contents of
  `howm-keyword-file` should actually be a function of the files
  contained under howm-directory, so that it seems reasonable to me to
  re-generate the keyword file afresh after pulling the changed notes.
  As this should be little more than a `grep >>>`, this should not be
  too slow (at least for now).

  So what is the easiest way to re-generate `howm-keyword-file`?  My
  impression is that it should be sufficient to delete the file
  whenever there are changes to it.

Thanks a lot in advance for any light you can shed on this question!


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