[Howm-eng 102] Re: synchronizing howm notes over several computers

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Albert Reiner arein****@tph*****
Thu Sep 27 18:36:36 JST 2012


thanks a lot for the new version!

[khi****@users*****, Sun, 23 Sep 2012 20:51:53 +0900]:
> I added re-generation of it to howm-test120923
> (http://howm.sourceforge.jp/a/howm-test.tar.gz),
> that should be released as howm-1.4.1 later.
> You can simply delete it when you need re-generation.
> Please let me know if you have a trouble with this feature.
> Thanks for your suggestion :-)

No trouble at all.  However, I thought I should let you know that
deleting the keyword file *after* howm was started triggers the

       find-file-noselect: File ~/.howm-keys no longer exists!

rather than re-generation.  No problem at all for me, but it might be
surprising in other situations, and I don't know whether it was
intended to work this way.

Thanks again, and best regards -


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