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Albert Reiner arein****@tph*****
Mon Nov 19 17:58:51 JST 2012


thanks a lot for the speedy reply!  However,

[khi****@users*****, Wed, 14 Nov 2012 20:54:18 +0900]:
> http://sourceforge.jp/projects/howm/lists/archive/eng/2006/000026.html
> | (setq howm-view-list-title-type 2) ;; Show title before summary.
> | (setq howm-view-summary-format "") ;; If you want to delete file names.

this does not seem to do what I want.  Consider the file

| = <<< foo
| [2012-10-15 08:15] >>> ~/.howm/2012/09/2012-09-22-110945.txt
| bar baz

After `C-c , s bar RET` I only get the line "bar baz" without any
indication that it is found within a file with title "foo":

,----[ C-c , s bar RET ]
| 2012-10-15-081531.txt | bar baz

(And with empty howm-view-summary-format, not even with any indication
that it belongs to a new file.)  So it seems that setting
howm-view-list-title-type does not do what the documentation says:

,----[ C-h v howm-view-list-title-type RET ]
| Value 2 means "show title before summary".

which would imply something like

,----[ C-c , s bar RET ]
| 2012-10-15-081531.txt | = foo
|                       | bar baz

The above would be perfectly OK for me, although what I really want is
the title to be shown instead of the FILE NAME, i.e., on the left hand
side of the summary.

In fact, I can observe absolutely no difference between
howm-view-list-title-type set to 1 or to 2.



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