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chaouche yacine yacin****@yahoo*****
Mon Feb 12 18:37:14 JST 2018

Hello Xavier,
If you make the file public maybe I can contribute a small amount, for example on etherpad or piratepad.


      From: Xavier Maillard <xavie****@maill*****>
 To: khi****@users***** 
Cc: howm-****@lists*****
 Sent: Monday, February 12, 2018 6:11 AM
 Subject: [Howm-eng 130] Re: Menu translation
Hello Khi-san,

khi****@users***** writes:

> Hi.
> I will happily add fr/0000-00-00-000000.txt to howm
> if you would kindly translate en/0000-00-00-000000.txt into 
> French.

Perfect, starting it.


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