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khi****@users***** khi****@users*****
Thu Feb 22 22:18:34 JST 2018


Thanks again for fr/0000-00-00-000000.txt!

I merged it into the git repository.

Would you try the below steps?

> For trying French menu ...
> (1) Delete the old menu file 0000-00-00-000000.txt in your howm-directory.
> (2) Add (setq howm-menu-lang 'fr) into your .emacs.
> (3) Start Emacs and howm.

I'd like to know whether it works well.
If it is ok, I will bump the version comment in howm.el
so that MELPA users receive the new code.

Can I write your name as
  "thx > Xavier Maillard san <xavie****@maill*****>"
in Changelog etc.?


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