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IIIMF-SKK is a language engine module for IIIMF(Internet/Intranet Input Method Framework).
IIIMF-SKK provides a SKK(Simple Kana to Kanji conversion program, an input method of Japanese) like input method.

System Requirements

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Released at 2003-02-15 16:45
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Release Notes

Development version for 0.1.23


- re-implement PaletteAux
- menu.[ch], pixmaputil.[ch], skkpalette.[ch], skktray.[ch], tray.[ch],
wmutil.[ch] files are added.
- initial support to XEmbed Protorol Specification
- initial support to System Tray Protocol Specification
- applied a patch from zunda ( (feature request #1084)
- re-enable off.xpm (feature request #1094)
- changed Aux Objects's domain from to
- handle MSG_NOSIGNAL flag
- add a slist function to lib/skkutils.c
- add functions to lib/skkdictutil.c
- now checking ja_JP.EUC,ja_JP.eucJP,ja_JP.EUC-JP locales
- use GSList instead of GList in listener functions.
- add undo function in Abbrev Mode.
- initial support to encode/decode string.